Rush Chair: Yang Lin

Rush means new beginnings and AKPsi means family.

Major: International Business 
Minor: Interdisciplinary Arts in New York, Marketing, Chinese, and Advanced Business Analysis
Class level: Senior
Career focus/aspirations: I want to help people ultimately feel happy at work by making sure their skills match their job. Since we spend so much time working, why wouldn't we want to enjoy it?
Internship Experience I interned in Copenhagen, Denmark for a publishing company as their US Area Manager, so I did everything from editing posts to marketing strategy to interviewing and hiring people from the US. Currently, I'm a project management intern at Sirota Consulting.
My time at Baruch: When I first started out at Baruch, it was not fun at all. I missed the community I had in high school and I really just wanted to make sure that I got good grades and got out of here. Over time though, I've come to realize that Baruch has so much more to offer and it's been thoroughly enjoyable with all the Brothers at AKPsi and all the friends I've made. There's a great quote by Ralph Marston that goes "Live each day with the attitude that you get what you’re willing to accept, that you get exactly what you deserve, and you’ll like what you get" and I think that's the attitude all Baruch students should be having. Don't treat Baruch as a boring place or it will be. Look out for the opportunities that come your way and take advantage of them! Have fun! 
Why did I want to be Rush Chair? For me, Rush was always the most memorable part. It's the first impression people get of the Fraternity and there's so many moving pieces that you have to control and watch out for. I wanted to be Rush Chair from the moment I joined Alpha Kappa Psi because I think it matches well with my personality, but also because I love meeting new people and sharing my passions for the things I love. To me, rush means new beginnings and AKPsi means family.

Rush Chair: Jessy Nunez

As I look back through my college career, the only regret I have till today was not joining [AKPsi] sooner because it’s been one incredible journey.

Major: Accounting
Minor: Political Science
Class Level: Lower Senior
Career Focus/Aspirations: After I graduate from the undergraduate level here at Baruch College, I’m planning to venture out into the real world and try to find a full time job within the Corporate Finance sector of a Fortune 500 company that I truly respect and admire. Afterwards when I'm ready to take the next step in my professional career, I see myself going back to graduate school in order to obtain a MBA in Finance.
Internship Experience: In the past, I've been grateful for having the incredible opportunity interning at companies that are well known throughout the business world for decades. During my sophomore and junior years, I worked for American International Group (AIG) as a Tax Consolidation Intern in their tax department. As for this past summer, I worked for New York Life Insurance Company as a Finance Transformation Intern in their Corporate Finance department. 

My time at Baruch: As a freshman, I quickly fell into the daily routine most students at Baruch College fall into over a period of time, which was attending classes and then going home right after. It wasn't till my sophomore year that I realized that the full college experience I was looking for required of me to be highly involve within an organization here on campus. On my pursuit in finding an organization to join, Alpha Kappa Psi was the organization that piqued my interest the most. After sitting through one of the GIM events and meeting all of the Alpha Kappa Psi members that afternoon, I realized that this was place I needed to be. The idea of being surrounded by others who shared very similar professional and life goals as myself is what won me over. In addition, I got instantly attached to the extremely friendly atmosphere the members tried to create for us. As I look back through my college career, the only regret I have till today was not joining sooner because it's been one incredible journey.
Why did I want to be Rush Chair? I wanted to be the Alpha Kappa Psi rush chair this semester because I wanted to prevent students from falling into the daily routine I fell into as a freshman here at Baruch College. In addition, I wanted to build a program where Baruch students can have the opportunity to develop themselves professionally and meet some great people along the way. This semester my fellow rush chairs (Yang and Alex) and I have put in a lot of work in designing a bunch of awesome events that would be extremely beneficial to anyone who attends. Ultimately, you guys will be the judges of that by your attendance and your feedback. So come join us and find out more about Alpha Kappa Psi!

Rush Chair: Alex Yeun

Alpha Kappa Psi not only provides an environment to stand out professionally, but also an environment close to a traditional college experience.

Major: Accounting 
Minor: Computer Information Systems
Class Level: Lower Junior
Career Focus/Aspirations: After I graduate, I want to work at a public accounting firm where I can be sponsored for my CPA license. My ultimate aspiration for the short term is to practice audit/tax at a Big 4 accounting firm. After 3-4 years, I then want to work at a Fortune 500 company working as a private accountant.
Internship Experience: In the past, I've worked various internships at accounting and finance firms. Currently, I'm a risk management/compliance intern at Interpublic Group (IPG) where I manage controls for different internal departments while also making sure that we comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.
My time at Baruch: Baruch is a commuter school meaning a large majority of students entering Baruch College do not dorm. This made for a very underwhelming experience, socially and academically, not only for myself, but also for many people looking for a traditional college atmosphere. I wanted an undergraduate career where I can build myself professionally, to prepare for the post-graduate world; Alpha Kappa Psi has provided that niche. Socially, some of the best highlights of my undergraduate career entailed watching jazz performances over the past summer with many of the brothers.
Why did I want to be Rush Chair? I wanted to be a rush chair because I enjoy large social interactions with new people, and I want to share my experiences with incoming freshmen. I want to guide incoming freshmen to a successful path in their undergraduate career, and I strongly believe that in place like Baruch College, it is imperative to be active in extracurricular organizations. Alpha Kappa Psi not only provides an environment to stand out professionally, but also an environment close to a traditional college experience. For me, rushing was an amazing opportunity to find my closest companions that will guide and support me throughout my undergraduate career and beyond. I wanted to rush Alpha Kappa Psi specifically because I wanted a way to differentiate myself from the crowd professionally and to find a brotherhood that closely matched my ideals.